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Pandora Moon Ritual Circle - Release and Co-Create your own reality

Pandora Moon Ritual Circle - Release and Co-Create your own reality

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5:30New Moon

Be the light in the dark! The new moon is our chance to begin anew: to set intentions and reboot our systems and get enthusiastic about something. Let's create a little spark in the world by coming together for this Women's New Moon Ritual and be ready for some magic to happen to your life.

Every new moon is the optimum time to begin new projects, ventures, relationships, and actions--or to give new energy to something you might already be working on. It is a day when you can receive the wisdom and energy you need to bring your intentions to beautiful fruition.

In September, we are under the influence of Neptune, which is opposing the Moon in Virgo,  that brings aspects of toxicity to the body (Virgo is physical and mental health), and there are other planetary aspects accumulating negative fluids, indicating the need to do an emotional release and detox.

We know from the Wisdom of the Ones that Have Come before us that the Equinox Portals of Spring and Autumn are planetary times of bringing balance back to the Earth, between the Light and the Dark, the masculine and feminine.
Spring Equinox heralds a time of new beginnings. Where we venture out from our hibernation in the cave ( womb ) back out into the Light.

It's a powerful time to come together in a Supported Sacred Sisterhood Circle. To support and Nourish one another to give greater meaning to the rhythm and cycles of nature. To assist one another to bud our Dreams into fruition. Some magic is definitely going to unfold.....Expect shifts and recalibration on every level as we sit together as Sisters, in support of growth and equilibrium, working with the powerful bioenergetics of merging the masculine and feminine energies creating Sacred marriage and merger within to Birth our visions into reality.

Let's open up our intentions to renew what we bring to the physical and astral body, freeing ourselves from any toxic thing (people, places and things)

Throughout the ceremony receive all the nutritional and spiritual benefits from the cacao plant with raw chocolate tastings and a concentrated, pure and traditionally prepared cacao drink to connect you to the senses.
Delve into an immersive world of evocative and shamanic soundscapes all specifically selected to assist you intentionally journey within. 
Connect through concentrated intent and attention where together- through the ceremony, we can consciously create richer moments.
“Ceremony is more beneficial for human continuity than any machine or technological development” ~ Thomas Moore

An open heart, and an opportunity to connect with your heartfelt desires and like minded Sisters. Participation in a sacred ceremony.
Attention: This is drug and alcohol-free, please abstain from coffee on the day and eat lightly in the evening at least 2 hrs before.
We are looking forward to sharing this magic with you....It's going to be MAGICAL.


  • Pandora' Rituals and special gifts to keep and take home.
  • Sacred Kakao Medicine & Blessing Ceremony
  • Shamanic drumming & Crystal Sound Meditation
  • Herbal Tea 


  • Yoga mat, cushion and blanket (to keep you comfy and warm)
  • Water bottle
  • Journal & Pen
  • An object or something you would like to place in our altar during the ceremony (a photo of another woman you would love to share this ceremony with, a crystal or a power tool)
  • An open-mind & heart to heal and be healed


  • Friday, September 18th 
  • Check-in at 5:30 Pm. Circle opens at 6pm and closes at 8:30pm
  • At The Flourish Centre. 32 Cedric St, Stirling.