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Pandora Moon Ritual Circle - Aquarius

Pandora Moon Ritual Circle - Aquarius

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The New Moon Is the fresh start of the moon cycle. She shows us her first sliver of light and this phase supports new growth.

Our Pandora Moon Ritual circle offers a safe space among like-minded feminine people. A space to share and set intentions. A healing and inspiring circle of care and grace. Come as you are and be heard. 

As per the moon, our circle changes every month. We are guided by the astral and the cosmos and carefully prepare a ritual to help you navigate the shadows of the month moon's energy.

An open heart, and an opportunity to connect with your heartfelt desires and like-minded Sisters. Participation in a sacred ceremony.
Attention: This is drug and alcohol-free, please abstain from coffee on the day and eat lightly in the evening at least 2 hrs before.
We are looking forward to sharing this magic with you...It's going to be MAGICAL.



  • Pandora' Secrets Bag filled with love and magical items to keep and take home.
  • Your personalised Moondala by the astrologer and medicine women, Paolla Nobrega
  • Guidance on how to do your own ritual 
  • Holy KAKAO Ceremony Infused with Love & Reiki
  • Shamanic drumming & Crystal Sound Meditation


  • Yoga mat, cushion and blanket (to keep you comfy and warm)
  • Water bottle
  • Journal & Pen
  • An object or something you would like to use as part of your magic wand we gonna make together. 
  • An open-mind & heart to heal and be healed


  • Friday, 12th February
  • Check-in at 6.30 Pm. Circle opens at 7 pm and closes at 9 pm
  • At The Flourish Centre. 32 Cedric St, Stirling.