Flower Essences Therapy & REIKI for everyone

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As part of our mission of promoting the benefits of all plants and herbs as medicine, we are constantly seeking ways to expand our knowledge, products, and services.
As a way to bring more value to our customers and the local community, we are now collaborating with some amazing healers and therapeutics, who are very knowledgeable and passionate about holistic and natural therapies.

Today meet our lovely Emotional Care and Wellbeing Specialist, Fabiola Nunes Alves.

Fabiola specializes in integrative and flower essence therapy, healing and transformation through Chakras balance by REIKI.

Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine and work energetically in the body, activating our own innate ability to heal, allowing life force to flow freely throughout our meridians as harmony is restored to our system. Flower essences truly are catalysts to unlock our full potential.

Flower Essences work to shift the energy from the subconscious to our conscious awareness and release deep-seated trauma, limiting beliefs and woundings that have been imprinted into our chakras, that affect how we experience life. They help to unlock and bring forward the positive qualities that we have within. Flower Essences are incredible allies for unraveling spiritual or emotional patterns of imbalance.
The Flower Essences Therapy
Flowers, considered the highest part of plants, have in their essence vibrations corresponding to human feelings. The correct application of these essences can bring to the human being balance, harmony, peace and acts in the emotional rebalance. The therapist helps the person identify the cause of their difficulty, respecting their rhythm and the context in which they are. The goal of Flower Essences Therapy is to look at the person as a whole, understanding the reasons for presenting the symptoms, so that the choice of flowers is coherent, that brings relief, but at the same time enables the development of the necessary qualities ( such as courage, self-esteem, self-confidence, hope, inner strength, flexibility, patience, tolerance, etc.) for the person to balance.
Make an appointment and know the benefits of Flower Essences Therapy.
The consultations can be in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Could is personal, by phone, via Skype or whatsapp. The consultation consists basically of three steps: diagnosis, the essences choice, and the choice of the situation to be prioritized, depending on the problem to be treated - what is most urgent is always treated first. Four areas of the human being will always be treated: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
After ends the first bottle of Flower Essences, a new assessment is made to establish new priorities for continuity of treatment. Therefore it is important to never stop the treatment.
The composition of essences is always individual in character. There is no standard essence, each person will have their own combination of essences to achieve the required results.
The treatment in acute states, it would take around 3 to 6 months, and whenever the flower essence ends, a new evaluation is made.