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1500mg Broad Spectrum HEMP Oil - CBD ALTERNATIVE

High-Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml), MCT and Botanical Terpenes


Main Ingredients: High-Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml), MCT, alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, D-limonene & Sunflower lecithin. 

This blend is considered a Daytime blend. It is designed to assist increasing focus, memory, alertness, mood and motivation levels while decreasing anxiety, depression and cravings. It consists of three main Terpenes: alpha-Pinene is found in high concentrations in coniferous plants; particular cannabis strains,
increasing memory and heightening focus due to its action as an acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitor. It is also a bronchodilator with a 60% pulmonary uptake rate.

  • Beta-Pinene may assist with mood and depression due to its interaction with multiple receptors in the monoaminergic system, along with its retention and focus increasing properties.
  • D-Limonene is responsible for the fresh citrusy aroma of some cannabis strains and is one of the most abundant terpenoids found in cannabis. It has been shown to assist with treating depression and anxiety, as well as increasing mood and motivation levels. It is also very good at managing cravings.

  • RELIEF BLEND -  Combine with Relax Blend for most effective pain relief.

Main Ingredients: High-Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml), MCT, b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, a-Pinene and Sunflower lecithin.

This blend is designed to target relief from inflammation and pain any time, day or night, particularly with joint-related ailments. It exhibits excellent anti-inflammation, analgesic (pain relief), antioxidant and; neuroprotective qualities properties via its COX (enzymes responsible for inflammation) inhibitory actions.

May Assist with Pain, Inflammation, Sleep, Stress, Memory, Brain Fog, strengthens the Immune and Nervous systems, ADHD and Study.


Main Ingredients: High-Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml), MCT, b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool and Sunflower lecithin. 

This blend is considered a Night-time or evening blend. It is designed to assist with relaxation, calming the nerves and unwinding bodily tension. It also exhibits excellent anti-inflammation, analgesic (pain relief), antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities.

Linalool has long been used in traditional medicine for its calming and sedative properties. Myrcene is also abundant in Indica strains, contributing significantly to the sedative qualities of these varieties. There is much research into these Terpenes demonstrating reduced levels of anxiety, lowering depression, sedation, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Terpenes in the blends are designed to potentiate the cannabidiol therapy as part of the entourage effect. (See link below for further information.)

May Assist with: Anxiety, Depression, Mood, Confidence, Social Anxiety, ADHD, Balance, Brain Fog, Cravings, Pain and a general sense of Wellbeing.

Who can take it: Ages 18 and over.
Who cannot take it: Children under 18yrs and pregnant woman.

Contraindication: Pinene is a stimulant, high blood pressure sufferers on medications need to manage prescription drugs and; pinene intake. Limonene works like some anti-depressants/SSRI’s and can bring total mood balance. Therefore, results at this stage indicate some people being able to replace their
pharmaceuticals; others have been able to reduce. It is very important to manage intake properly (1 ml /per day max). Although no adverse reactions have been reported and; low doses are acceptable, prescription drugs and; dosages always need to be considered carefully.

Instruction of use: Can be used as a daily ‘supplement’ or used only when needed. Take 3-5 drops under the tongue 4 times a day or can be used as needed for extra support. Leave under tongue for 30 seconds for best results. Take for a minimum 14 days, for best results take for 28 days. Do not exceed the recommended
dosage (1 ml/per day max). Be consistent, balancing the body takes time.
Our HEMP extract oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes. We strive to only deliver the highest grade, lab-tested products in their most pure and simple form.

-No additives or preservatives
-Made from non-GMO hemp plants grown on select farms in Perth, Western Australia
-NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Cannabinoid and; Terpene drug interaction and side effect documentation are limited.
Check with your healthcare practitioner for additional guidance. We highly recommend always checking with your physician before starting a new botanical extract, medicinal herb, or dietary supplement program. The products sold on this website must be used within Australia’s hemp ordinances.