KAKAO RITUAL KIT Special Edition

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Our Ceremonial KAKAO Ritual Kit enables you to ‘sip and connect’ to the wonders of 'Mother Cacao' and 'Self', in a Spiritual Ceremonial Experience in the comfort and safety of your sacred home. Self Healing starts with Ourselves... with the flow of love, this Kit offers in her treasures, for a rejuvenating and balanced action in evolvement.

It is a space of love and honour, for our self-care to go within, staying balanced, grounded and feeling safe. When we go within, we find for ourselves the directions and changes to our moods, integrity, behaviours, traumas and energy, releasing what no longer serves us and inviting positive affirmations, thoughts & actions our life.

Great for a Ceremony of any kind, such as Meditation, Sound Bath Healings, Relaxation, Feeling Clarity, Uplifted, Balanced in Body and Mind, or just to indulge in the beautiful taste of Cacao and her medicinal Benefits, whatever it is for you... this is the Ceremonial Kit that is FULL of LOVE and Self Care.

Pure Ceremonial Cacao, sourced from the spiritual land of Peru is accompanied with an exclusive Holy KAKAO E-Journal assisting in the recipe, how to create your sacred space, meditational tips and all the contents benefits and uses for your own ceremony experience.*Including access to a 'Guided' Sound Healing Journey Meditation, and all in the comfort and safety of your sacred home by Tenille Bentley. 

✨ ✨ ✨ You Will Receive ✨ ✨ ✨

✨1 Ceramic Cooking Pot for the Cacao Preparation

✨ 1 Block of 600g of the Pure Ceremonial Peruvian Cacao by Holy KAKAO. 

✨ 1 Smudging Stick for cleansing & blessing the Goddess kakao

✨ Online Access to the PDF of KAKAO E-Journal with instruction and Sacred Ritual tips