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Gold, Platinum, Copper, Silver, Rhodium & Iridium

(Level 4) Now that you've conditioned yourself with Zerolight, spiralight or spacius, you'll want the entire group.

Stage four of the Progression Powders. Astralight’s design is about synergy. At this point experiences often include from faster reflexes, better sleep, increased awareness and clarity of thought. Your body is thriving off the powerful trace minerals quickly absorbed for a boosted immune system and more energy. With precision formulation of trace minerals and six M-States, Astralight is the finishing touch to a total solution.

  • M-State Gold
  • M-State Platinum
  • M-State Copper
  • M-State Silver
  • M-State Rhodium
  • M-State Iridium
  • Boron trace
  • Selenium trace
  • Phosphorous trace
  • Silicon Trace