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The sisters behind Holy Herbal

The Brazilian sisters, and the Modern Medicine Women.

Liza, millennial witch, medicine woman and holistic therapist.

Liza has been studying and working with herbs and holistic therapies for over 10 years. She is now on her final year of TCM/acupuncture besides being a qualified herbalist and naturopath. In partnership with her sister Lili, they built their own brand of holistic mineral and plant-medicines to nourish women’s beauty, mind and dreams. Liza believes that all women are sacred and deserve daily rituals to fill our self-love cups.

You can find her running her shop in Northbridge, one of the business in conjunction with her sister Lili, helping customers to empower themselves through the use of herbs and stones. 

Liza is also a cacao and sacred circles facilitator, where she is happy to be of service activating the herbs during smudging for aura and space cleansing. She is now developing a new business as a beauty/wellness and higher vibes influencer to teach women how to incorporate daily rituals in their everyday life for self care and self love. 

“We all have the power and tools we need to heal ourselves and become the goddesses and gods we are meant to be, we just need to learn how to access that within ourselves”.


Lili is an women circle & Cacao facilitator. 

Want to know how to use your very own superpowers to create the life of your dreams?
Lili Santos is the visionary and manifestor-generator here at Holy Herbal. After years of working in the corporate world - self-care and wellness became an absolute necessity for this girl.
She calls herself an Intuitive Business Coach & Women Circle Facilitator. But what she does is so much bigger than a title.
She empowers women worldwide to connect with our inner-sacred-self and use our intuition - to guide us to live fully in our power, with our most authentic purpose and ultimately, with our fullest potential. Because, We (women) are sacred and deserve daily rituals to fill our self-love cups.

"My true passion is to be around inspiring women. I think there’s nothing more amazing than women supporting and cheering for each other. Since I started working and sharing space with my soul-sisters, I feel amazingly empowered.
That’s what I want for YOU."

She discovered her passion as soon she started attending women's networking events, where she discovered the power of collaboration, inspiration and empowerment. Her mission is to help other women understand how transforming is to support and being supported by other women.

Lili was called to work with Brazilian women, and since then she started a new movement in the local community. 

She is now studying with a mentor in Brazil to become a Lithotherapy practioner, which is an alternative system of medicine that uses the mineral composition, energy and colors of stones to harmonize and balance the body, mind and soul.