The sisters behind Holy Herbal

They are known as The Brazilian KAKAO Priestess who modernised ancient wisdom to fit today's society.

The sisters love to bring sacredness to our every day lives in a fun, light and simple way as they believe rituals don't need to be boring but respected. There's no need for fuss, you just need to respect Mother Nature and connect to the spirit of the plant and you have access to its healing power. 


Liza, millennial witch, medicine woman and the Beauty Shamman.

She has been studying and working with herbs and holistic therapies for over 10 years. She is now on her final year of TCM/acupuncture besides being a qualified herbalist and naturopath.

Liza believes that all women are sacred and deserve daily rituals to fill our self-love cups.

She divides her time looking after the All Herbs Shop, for the male public, or working/servicing at the new space at the Flourish Centre, this more female focused. This way she found the Yin Yang and perfect balance at work and life.

In conjunction with her sister and partner Lili, helping customers to empower themselves through the use of herbs, stones and scents. Liza is also a kakao keeper and sacred circle facilitator, where she is happy to be of service activating the herbs during smudging for aura and space cleansing.

At the moment, Liza has been working on her new project and passion as a beauty shaman, where she incorporates time-tested ingredients, tools and techniques such as crystals and oils, that were once prized by ancient healers and royalty alike. These ancient beauty rituals combined with modern scientific understanding creates a truly holistic approach between cosmetology and therapy. Liza believes that the future of self care beauty rituals lies in the wisdom of the past. And through her sessios and higher vibe workshops she teaches women how to incorporate daily rituals in their everyday life for self care and self love. “We all have the power and tools we need to heal ourselves and become the goddesses and gods we are meant to be, we just need to learn how to access that within ourselves”.


Lili is The KAKAO Fairy & Sacred Circle Facilitator

"Looking back, my experiences as a little girl revealed the path I am on today, though it took another thirty-five years to get me here. As a child I was intimately connected with the fairy realms, searching my garden for their presence, which I felt very palpably. I used to astral-travel with no clue of what I was doing, and I was obsessed with spells, rituals and magic."

She calls herself Cacao & Women Circle Facilitator. But what she does is so much bigger than a title.
She empowers women worldwide to connect with our inner-sacred-self and use our intuition - to guide us to live fully in our power, with our most authentic purpose and ultimately, with our fullest potential. Because, We (women) are sacred and deserve daily rituals to fill our self-love cups.
Lili is thetahealer, Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki & Access Bars Therapist. Her passion is to help women overcome limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences that hold us back from achieving our highest potential and from living our dreams. 


In 2018 she received the call to connect and serve the Brazilian women community in Perth, and since then she started a new movement, gathering with "witches" and amazing healers to help and support the local community.

At the moment, Lili is finishing her studies with a Brazilian Mentor in Lithoterapy, and crystal therapy. 

She is a student for life and is always learning new skills and magical practices to be of service and help others create infinite possibilities. 

"Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory"