About us

We provide you with only the highest quality of Herbal Tonics and Exotic Elixirs, and we are devoted to source the purest plant-based goodness from only sustainable and ethical suppliers. 
Our Super herbs and tonics will help expand your body's capacity to handle mental, physical and emotional stress, but we have to be honest with you. Do not think by just adding a cup or two of our delicious infusions to your existing practice, without improving what you eat, think and do, will transform your life. No, darling, unfortunately, this is not magic dust and you must do the work too. 
The good news is we are passionate about helping high vibe women to shine and rise, so we are fully committed to supporting you during your “awakening” and self-discovery journey with our superherbs and tonics.

More about All Herbs
We are not just a shop, we are a community hub! We are all about feeling good, feeling the connection to our bodies and our birthright to feel invigorated in our lives. 
We are the ONLY shop in Perth where you can find this extensive variety of herbs and herbal tonics for all your health and lifestyle needs. Whether you want to make healthier party choices, or get some help with sleep and relaxation without pharmaceuticals, or focus better at work, we’re here to give you knowledgeable advice!
Plus, our staff is the most friendly and always gives free hugs as a bonus.
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