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One of the most renowned and admired ArchangelsArchangel Michael is a powerful force of protection and divinity. He's the leader of Angels and banisher of all negativity and ill will that interferes with humanity.

There are different ways to perform protection baths that are also diverse. We know that these baths prepare us for the different moments we live in and give us much more disposition to face our challenges and difficulties. Often, it is necessary to carry out a protection bath to revitalize our energies and our goals and that is why it is always good to know a little more about the subject before doing any of these baths. What we must do is understand what they work for and how their action can influence our lives.

This ritual bath helps us to find the protection of Archangel Michael, freeing us from any and all visible or invisible evil, besides being very suitable for difficult times of unemployment.
Archangel Michael helps us with his flame of blue light, opening paths and bringing absolute prosperity. Do this bath as many times as necessary until your requests are met.