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Aphrodite is considered the Greek Goddess of love. According to legends, She was born from the sea foam and represents the archetype of the maiden and female beauty. She rules the⁠ birth, life, love, sexual desire, death, time and destiny. ⁠

Her symbols are the star, the shell, the rose, the pearl, ⁠the crescent-moon and the dove (remembering that the dove that represents the Holy Spirit is also a symbol of several ancient Goddesses). ⁠

She has the ability to attract beauty and love into our lives,⁠ in its numerous forms.⁠

The ritual for Aphrodite must be done on a Friday of a crescent or full moon. ⁠

Friday is a day devoted to Venus, the Roman goddess equivalent to Aphrodite.⁠
Generally speaking, Friday is a day devoted to the Goddesses and comes from Frejya, an ancient Nordic Goddess.⁠

What is in the kit:

1 Purifying Salt bath - to cleanse energy (Himalayan Rock Salt Lavender) 

1  Energy Herbal Bath - a blend of herbs and flowers to nourish your beauty, mind and spirit.

1 Rose Quartz Crystal

1 Rose Incense

1 Beeswax (natural honey) tea light candle

A step by step Ritual guide to support your Self-Love journey