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Quantum & Crystal Healing

Quantum & Crystal Healing

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Lili is The KAKAO Keeper, Sacred Circle Facilitator & Quantum Healing Practioner

"Looking back, my experiences as a little girl revealed the path I am on today, though it took another thirty-five years to get me here. As a child I was intimately connected with the fairy realms, searching my garden for their presence, which I felt very palpably. I used to astral-travel with no clue of what I was doing, and I was obsessed with spells, rituals and magic."

She calls herself Cacao & Women Circle Facilitator. But what she does is so much bigger than a title.
She empowers women worldwide to connect with our inner-sacred-self and use our intuition - to guide us to live fully in our power, with our most authentic purpose and ultimately, with our fullest potential. Because We (women) are sacred and deserve daily rituals to fill our self-love cups.

Lili is Crystal Lithoterapy, thetahealer, Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki & Access Bars Therapist. Her passion is to help women overcome limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences that hold us back from achieving our highest potential and from living our dreams. 


Sessions are very unique and customised according to the person's need. 

♥️ Theatahealing & Intuitive Reading
♥️ Access Bars
♥️ Shamanic REIKI
♥️ Lithoterapy - Crystal & Vibrational healing

"Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory"