Saw Palmetto Spagyric

Saw Palmetto Spagyric

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Known as nature's catheter, it is one of the premier men's herbs, due to its tonifying effect on the male body and reproductive system, particularly with ailments of the prostate, which can lead to incontinence, impotence and cancer. Women's reproductive systems also benefit, assisting in low libido, enlarged ovaries and underdeveloped mammary glands. This herb also has potent anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering effects. Taken regularly it can reduce the incidence of all reproductive ailments.

Contents: Spagyric of Saw Palmetto.

Contains alcohol: Triple sifted spirit for extraction and preservation.

Suggested use: (Each bottle contains one months supply if taken at the adult suggested quantity) 5 drops up to 3 times a day.

Other names: Serenoa repens, Sabal serrulatum.

Spagyric difference:  Alchemical and advanced laboratory processes that maintain the integrity of the essential oils, tincture mineral saltsas well as the vital essence.   This creates a unique substance that includes the physical and enhanced healing benefits of the plant.

Grown in:  USA

Organic Status: Organic or wild harvested.

Extraction:  Specific technique in accordance with Paracelcus and the hermetic philosophy, which includes slow cold extractions, long maceration, burning, astrological and energetic alignment.

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