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Hoochie Coochie

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This smooth, sensual blend has many uses, but many prefer it as an alternative to tobacco for its light and fragrant qualities.  Includes; damiana, known for its aphrodisiac, mood-enhancing qualities, rose petals, raspberry leaf and red lily which ancient peoples of Egypt and meso America revered. 

Contents: Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, Red Lily and Rose Petals. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Preparation: May be smoked. Although our herbal blends are 100% natural and free from nicotine, we advise against smoking as it is harmful. 

Other names: 

Grown in: 

Organic Status:  Australian certified before repackaging, or wild harvested where possible.

Plant Parts: 

Packaging: Home compostable, reusable zip lock pouch

Vegan friendly

Caution: Smoking is harmful.

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