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Chamomile is one of the most well known herbs and is popular as a relaxing remedy for anxiety, stress and to promote sleep. It is also effective for soothing digestive problems such as gas, colic and ulcers, especially when these are associated with nervous tension. Chamomile is gentle and safe enough for children and babies, to calm them and help them sleep. It is also used for muscle cramps, head colds and allergies. Externally it can be applied as a cool tea to soothe inflamed skin, nappy rash, bites, burns, and eczema.

Contents: Chamomile (Matricaria recuitita) flowers

Preparation: 2-3 tsp/cup, steep covered 10 mins (1/2 tsp for children/babies) 

Other names: Matricaria recuitita, Matricaria chamomila

Grown in: Egypt

Organic Status: Australian certified before repackaging

Plant Parts: Flowers

Packaging: Home compostable, reusable zip lock pouch

Vegan friendly

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