Holy Herbal Crystal Elixir

Tea Infuser Bottles to raise your vibe and nourish your beauty, mind, and spirit. 

Crystals are natural. They are created from minerals deep inside the earth. Each crystal has a unique healing property derived from the minerals from which it is composed. The action of crystals may be described as subtle; nevertheless, crystals are capable of amplifying, focusing, directing, absorbing, diffusing and transmitting different levels of healing energy. The use of Crystal healing has been mentioned the uncountable time and dates back a thousand years.

A holistic approach to your wellness and Self-love.

 By creating these magnificent Crystal Tea Infuser Bottles, our intention was to share the empowering feeling of attuning to Crystals energy and their healing and energizing effects on our physical and ethereal bodies.


Manifest positive and loving energy into your life, beauty, mind, and dreams. 

  • 💎 BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED WITH DURABILITY: Crystal Tea Infuser Bottle is made of lead-free borosilicate glass making it easy to clean and helps cut down on plastic waste. The bamboo lids not just look beautiful but it's totally free of heavy metals and unwanted nasties. 
  • 💎 EASY SWAP FOR YOUR OWN CRYSTALS: Holy Herbal Crystal Tea Infuser Bootles has a  separate glass chamber that enables you to use any crystal without worrying about toxins leaching into your water. Our removable gemstone capsule allows you to easily remove gemstones and replace with any other crystals 
  • 💎 ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL HEALING: Our gemstone water bottle keeps drinks hot or cold up to 45 minutes and holds up 13oz of liquid. Infuse the positive energy of quartz crystals into your everyday life simply by drinking tea and water. Holy Herbal Crystal Tea Infuser makes it safe, fun, and easy!
  • 💎 RICH AROMA TEA ON THE GO: Enjoy your favourite rejuvenating tea drinks on the go with our beautiful Crystal Tea Infuser Bottle. It will enhance the way you used to drink hot and iced tea, detox your body, and improve your lifestyle! Choose the tea blend of preference and off you go!
  • 💎 BREW YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS RIGHT AWAY: With our tea infuser, you can brew your favourite loose tea leaves, use it as a fruit infuser water bottle or even brew herbal beverages and cold brew coffee! The large size 13 Oz. (400ml) will keep you hydrated all day long.
  • 💎 NO MORE TUMBLERS SWEATING & LEAKING ALL OVER THE PLACE: Forget all about tea tumblers leaking all over the place, thanks to our double-walled odour-free glass tumbler. Keep your drinks cool or warm for much longer without sweating and leaking.
  • 💎 STAINLESS STEEL INFUSION FILTER AND FLAT LIDS: Brew your tea leaves easily with the integrated food-grade stainless steel filter. The infuser can be easily installed or removed. The flat lids keep the portable tea mug stable even if it is upside down.
  • 💎 GET THIS TRAVEL TUMBLER WITH INFUSER RISK-FREE: Our water bottle infuser comes with a bonus neoprene sleeve for safe holding, making it a unique gift for tea lovers and drinkers.


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