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MANA - Organic Sacred Chocolate Empowered by Nootropic Brain Tonic.

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MANA - Organic Sacred KAKAO 250g
Empowered by Nootropic Brain Tonic
I am awake. Powerful mind and cognition

Holy KAKAO blended with Neural Nectar. A super-blend of nootropic herbs to support the brain and enhance mental performance. Enjoy this delicious tonic to cultivate mental energy, increase the clarity of mind and memory, plus ward-off neuro-degeneration.

Holy KAKAO is a paste of the highest grade made from Heirloom strains sourced from Premium Cacao Beans in Peru Amazon Region (in the native strain called 'Chuncho'). This is the part of the world where cacao grows natively finding the optimal conditions to produce amazing cacao beans. Unlike other cacao beans, Holy KAKAO is specifically produced from native cacao strains. Holy KAKAO is PURE CACAO with all of its healthy nutrients and zero additives.

Holy KAKAO is rich in essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. This ancient superfood is one of the richest sources of antioxidant of any food.

After enjoying your daily cup of MANA Holy KAKAO to open your heart (and awake your brain) you might also feel:

  • Increased core energy, without the uneasy from caffeine.
  • Clarity of mind and cognition
  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced mood
  • Better brain circulation and nerve health

What is in your pack?

The Purest Cacao from Amazonia and a blend of Brain tonic herbs (Semi-wild mucuna, semi-wild ginkgo biloba, semi-wild lion’s mane, semi-wild white peony and wild rhodiola* extract powders. *dual extract).