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HolyFit Tea – Holistic Fit Teatox program

HolyFit Tea – Holistic Fit Teatox program

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The HolyFit Teatox is a beautiful journey of self-love and acceptance.

As you embark on this 28-day journey, we suggest that you make some time for yourself each day (especially if you’re really busy!) so that you can get the most out of this program. Taking at least 3 minutes a day to dive deep to feel what’s going on for you at a core level so that you can allow your greater potential to shine through. Your true self!

Detoxing is about shedding the old, that which no longer serves us. It happens both at a physical level and emotional level. To get the most out of this program, we lovingly ask that you take some time to look after yourself, accept yourself as you are, not for who you would/ could/ should be. Healing starts with loving yourself unconditionally.

As a BONUS we are gifting you with a beautiful journal, where you should track your detox journey progress.

 It is very simple to use. Do not forget to add your details including weight and start date and feel free to add notes of how you feel, inspirational quotes and personal achievements. Enjoy it!

How to use your HolyFit Teatox Program:

Day formula (morning and/or early afternoon)

  • Create some “me time” of at least 3-minutes;
  • Breath in. Breath out;
  • Set up your goal for the day;
  • Visualize achieving your goal for that day, feel how it feels to achieve that goal;
  • Then bring your attention to being grateful for one thing in your life. You have hundreds of things to be grateful for in your life but focus on just one for this exercise. Each day, focus on something new to be grateful for;
  • Exercise, work, study… Move your body! Stimulate your mind.


It is recommended to keep to a max of two cups daily and avoiding drinking it after 2 pm as it may disturb sleep.

Use as an alternative to coffee. No milk needed.


Night Formula (after dinner or before bed)

  • Use your Night Formula as a part of your evening bed time routine;
  • Disconnect from the thoughts of the day so you can reconnect to your inner self;
  • Stop, sit and practice some deep breathing;
  • Reflect on your day, ask yourself if you achieved the goal you set out to achieve at the beginning of the day, and also ask – what would you improve on from your day;
  • Be grateful for something in your life;
  • Relax! Nurture your body and soul with healthy food and thoughts.


Step 2

  • Use one teaspoon of psyllium husks
  • Add a shot of warm water
  • It should have a gel-like look
  • Drink straight after the herbal tea