You know we love crystals, right?

All our tea range are infused in crystals frequency, we made available crystals water bottles, crystals tea infusers and we just designed and produced our very own crystal elixir bottle for tea, water or any magical drink you wish to enjoy in it.

And just cos we love crystals sooo much and they really have become part of our lives, these Holysisters here have gone into a search of learning and knowledge, immersing ourselves deep into this crystal realm with a master in Lithotherapy from Brazil.

Our intention is to create the highest quality and vibration products but also share correct information and empower our people.

So, we are coming forward now to explain the reason we got the crystal water bottle out of the Holy Herbal product range, and why we also designed a special glass bottle that would fit all our liquid needs plus is made to use crystals in a correct and powerful way.

But first, let us explain what Lithotherapy is and why we chose a Brazilian master. Lithotherapy is an alternative system of medicine that uses the physical properties, energy and colours of stones to harmonize the body. The name lithotherapy comes from the Greek word lithos (“stone”) and therapeia (“care”). Its literal meaning: “the method to care by the use of stones”. Lithotherapy uses the energy of stones to maintain a balance between the mind, body and spirit. It can help at a physical, as well as a psychological and spiritual level. You might find the removal of emotional blockages and discover a heightened awareness. The energy of stones relates to their chemical composition, colour and form. Gems and crystals have properties that act on our senses because they are made of minerals that are identical to the minerals in our bodies. Scientists have already shown that crystals and minerals exist inside us. The pineal gland for instance contains apatite crystals in it. As well as a balanced diet must offer the right amount of minerals for optimal health. It works by the colours being emitted by the coloured vibrational waves. The energy of the colour has a strong action on our senses, and on physiological functions. Lithotherapy also acts by enzyme reactions: gems in contact with the skin transmit their properties through enzyme reactions. They diffuse infinitely small doses of minerals, copper, lithium, silicon, etc. (like the principle of homeopathy). As well as acting by piezo-electricity: a quartz necklace creates a frequency phenomenon around the neck that regulates nerve influxes, removing stress and inflammation problems.

Why we got a Brazilian master? Not only because we are Brazilians, hence we treasure our culture and traditions, but mainly because Brazil is the most advanced in the studies of lithotherapy in the correct sense of it. The use of stones for healing incorporating and respecting the action of its composition, vibration, colour and frequency. 

I learnt that the hard way. As I use crystals a lot, I have never thought it could cause us any harm. Even after an extensive research about the safety of infusing crystals into water, stones that aren’t gonna dissolve or aren't formed of poisonous minerals, and could be drunk safely, we were not fully aware about the real power of those beauties. Do you know for instance that clear quartz will potencialize your body’s state vibration to the best or to the worst? That you are only supposed to use clear quartz when you are in your highest frequency of health, emotions and so on? Well, I was having a bit of insomnia and things got a lot worse. During my studies, my master called my attention that I was using my pretty clear quartz water bottle for my night drink. It just took one night of no crystal infused water for my sleep normalize… 

After learning all those things it’s our duty of care to be true to ourselves and our customers, and even though we loved the other crystal bottles we just couldn’t keep selling them if they are not in alignment with the correct way to use stones for healing. Our brand new crystal elixir bottles though were specially designed to create crystal elixir if you know how (keep posted for updates on this!) or just to infuse the amazingness of the stone frequencies in your drink to enjoy. 

If you want to start making your own Crystal Elixir, watch this space and check our new Elixir Bottles Collection 








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