Is crystal-infused water safe?

The answer is, it depends.

Crystals and stones have always been around humans and became part of our culture for their beauty, healing properties and value. Ancient cultures around the world from Mayans to Zulus have used rocks and gems stones as adornments in a way to show status, position, wealth and achievements. In our modern days, minerals and metals are highly used in machinery and technology. Just think about the quartz crystals used in computer, microchips and even quantum hardware. But I am sure you are thinking now: “Do crystals have healing properties?” Well, some sceptical people argue saying no, however, Chinese Medicine have been mixing stones, gems, minerals and metals along with herbs, for thousands of years and using to treat different conditions. The ancient famous Chinese herbalist Li Shizhen in 1578 has already catalogued over 350 mineral substances that could be used as medicine. Seriously, If we think for a moment, we have been eating rocks and minerals every day. Well, at least we should to as part of a healthy diet. These are known as GRAS( Generally Regarded As Safe) supplements, such as zinc, magnesium, chromium, some of the trace minerals that harmonize our bodies.

Now back to the crystals... Have you ever noticed how they have become trendy lately? It’s like they are emerging from Earth’s womb and are willing to share their power with humanity and help us during this big awakening that many of us are going through.

 Crystals are a great tool that can be used in so many ways! They have different properties and frequencies so we can use them to get grounded or to protect our auric field, for dreaming and even to connect to our higher self. Most people are pretty aware of crystals metaphysical properties and have used a type of stone in a way or another during their lives. If not yet, they will, for sure! What about the new hit of crystals water bottles, elixirs and even crystal infused teas? We LOVE them! Each crystal is unique and infusing your water with it is just another way of benefiting from its healing powers, because the energy of it is directly absorbed into the body working in every level. As water has memory, it will hold the frequency and work in a similar concept to the homeopathic remedies. However, we need to educate ourselves that despite all crystals and stones being gorgeous and are known to have healing properties, some of them are toxic, hence not safe to be put into water and ingested.

For this reason, we did extensive research before choosing which crystals to use in our water bottles. Some pretty stones have toxic chemicals while others like Selenite can dissolve into water. Most of the quartz family such as the clear rose and smokey type, as well as citrine and amethyst,  are totally safe. All the obsidians and some varieties of Jade,  are non-toxic and rank at least seven or higher on the Mohs Hardness Scale ( measures how tough and the dissolution resistance of a stone), are also safe to be put into your water and enjoyed! Clear quartz, for instance, is considered “the great harmoniser” in Classical Chinese Mineral Medicine, is called Shi Ying and is used to balance the Qi. No wonder is perfect for meditation practice as clear quartz brings clarity to the mind and filter our energetic field from negative energy (smokey quartz is even stronger in this action). So when choosing your crystals for infusing and ingesting, please consider more of the safety than the beauty and value of it.

Do you want to learn more about Crystal’s safety guidelines for ingestion, I highly recommend the “Healing Crystals Website.” I am adding the link to it at the end of this article for your reference.

 Well, if you love the beautiful crystal bottles as I do, my recommendation is to pick one of the Quartz family and always do your research. In my case, I always buy my crystals and gemstones from ethical retailers.

Now, you excuse me as I am thirsty and feel like an Amethyst Elixir Water. Namaste!





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