Full Moon in Scorpio

The next Full Moon is a special one, and it is all about healing emotions through communication. It will start on May 7 2020, in a Scorpio sign. The beautiful and positive aspect of this moon is the energy that will be happening with a trine aspect of the Moon, Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is the planet connect with our ability of communication and assertiveness. A trine with Neptune brings all the compassion and magical moments of connection through communication. It will be a magical moment to connect with people to clarify and heal hidden feelings, issues, and things that you need to let go of.

Scorpio is the most powerful and transformative zodiac sign, and despite of some negative energies related to this sign such as revenge, anger and manipulation, the healer side of Scorpio and all positive aspects of this sign can be activated in this full Moon. The opposition to the sun in Taurus will give us the sensation of holding back in emotions, getting attached to it, but as it is all about releasing and detachment, we will be challenged on fighting against this inner conflict.

It is also a moment for lovers to connect in a deeper way, understanding and being compassionate to your partner's feelings and desires. Be open to this conversation if you wish to transform your relationship and reveal some secrets together. The sexual scorpion can elevate the room temperature, suggesting all the creativeness to explore this sexual energy.

To be able to access this energy, it is recommended sacred rituals to connect to this moon and enjoy its healing power. With so much happening in the world right now as we experience the physical and emotional distance from people we care about, this full moon comes to release all the toxic and blocked emotions. 


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