Aphrodite Sacred Ritual

Aphrodite is considered the Greek Goddess of love. According to legends, She was born from the sea foam and represents the archetype of the maiden and female beauty. She rules the⁠ birth, life, love, sexual desire, death, time and destiny. ⁠
Her symbols are the star, the shell, the rose, the pearl, ⁠the crescent-moon and the dove (remembering that the dove that represents the Holy Spirit is also a symbol of several ancient Goddesses). ⁠

She has the ability to attract beauty and love into our lives,⁠
in its numerous forms.⁠

The ritual for Aphrodite must be done on a Friday of a crescent or full moon. ⁠

Friday is a day devoted to Venus, the Roman goddess equivalent to Aphrodite.⁠
Generally speaking, Friday is a day devoted to the Goddesses and comes from Frejya, an ancient Nordic Goddess.⁠

Before the ritual it is recommended to take a Herbal Batch related to Aphrodite:

2 red roses, 2 pink roses, 1 bunch of mint, 1 rose quartz.

Boil 2 litres of water. When it boils, turn off the heat, add herbs and quartz pink and leave for 10 minutes covered. Wait to cool down a little until it gets to a temperature bearable for you to take a shower. After taking your shower normally, remove the Pink Quartz, throw this bath all over your body, from the neck down and then do not rinse more. During the bath, make statements related to self-love, such as:

I love myself, I love being who I am, I am love, I love myself deeply, I I strengthen my self-love.

If possible, dry yourself naturally without using a towel. Put on clothes that make you feel very beautiful for the ritual.

Now let's go to the Ritual, you will need:

1 mirror of any size, but not one attached to the wall, 

1 bowl of salted water

1 plate or a container in which you will light the candle, which is the size for pack the herbs around. Separate this dish just for your rituals.

1 pink candle

1 or more Rose Quartz

Herbs: pink and red rose petals, some mint and basil leaves, powdered cinnamon, lavender (you don't need to use all herbs, at least 2, but one is pink)

Rose incense

A little honey 

A towel to set up the altar (ideally, you should separate a towel only for your rituals)

First, you will wash the mirror in salted water. When washing this mirror, you will be, symbolically, washing your life too. So, make a reflection on the reasons that you lead to low self-esteem which events generated this insecurity. Mentalize that you are washing away all the hurts, disappointments and pains that prevent your love to flourish. When you feel that you've washed enough, that you've released all the weight that suffocated, set up the altar for this ritual: On the towel, place the plate in the center. Attach the pink candle in the center of the plate, arrange the herbs around, so that it looks very nice. Grease the candle with honey, carefully not to drop honey in the place that the candle burns, otherwise it will not burn. Get the rose quartz and the censer around. Light the candle and the incense. Take the mirror, pass it through the incense, blessing him.

Look at him and say:

Beloved Goddess Aphrodite, I call you to bless my ritual I invoke the Power of Love

Love for myself

I love myself for all that I am I love myself inside and out

I am the daughter of the Goddess

I am safe

I get rid of everything that prevents my self-love and self-esteem

So be it, so be it, and so it is!

Continue to look in the mirror, praising and admiring yourself, saying beautiful affirmations. Always speak in the positive, do not use the word no. When you feel filled with so much praise, do a dance in honour of the Goddess.

I made a playlist available for this moment, but you can choose the songs you like best. Focus on your inside, feel the pleasure of being in this woman's body. Take pleasure in being you. Dance as if you were the Goddess Aphrodite herself.

When you dance enough, sit down, be quiet and play an oracle. Ask for a message that helps you to awaken even more love for yourself.

Before finishing, say a prayer from your heart, thank the presence of the Goddess and of your guides. Thank yourself.




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