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To put an end to your curiosity about why Kakao with the "K"?. The origin comes from the Nauhatl (language of the Aztec culture). In Mayan language, the word is slightly different but very similar in sound: kakaw, Kakau, kahau, haa, yau.

The KAKAO time is a mindful moment.

From the moment you turn the kettle on and start the preparation of your elixir, the inhalation of the top notes as you pour over the freshly boiled water, and the visual glory as the KAKAO brews, all your sense awaken. A lesson in patience as you wait 10 minutes till your sacred Kakao is properly brewed and the joy of that first sip washes over you.

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I have worked with ceremonial cacao for years, once I collaborated with Lili from Holy Kakao I knew this was the one for me and my groups, the texture and taste is unlike any I have used, it really made a significant difference to the experience of my participants I noticed it from the first session and to merge it with my sound work it really was transformative for all involved" Tenille Bentley, Global Frequency Musician www.tenillebentley.com

Tenille Bentley

I have tried both Blue Goddess Tea and Bliss Me Tea and I highly recommend them! They taste amazing and make me feel really good! The cyrstals contribute to a good energy! Thank you Holy Herbal for producing these amazing products!

Juliana Brandao Bras

I've been on my health journey for 11 years now and am very fussy with what I consume. I won't take anything that's not organic, has fillers or binders. So when I came across Holy Herbal I was really excited because their products are incredibly high quality and I love the ethos and vision behind the company.

I came across Holy Herbal about a year ago and have been LOVING their amazing range of teas and super foods since.

I highly recommend their products because they're pure and they work!!

Renee Kacz